Here you can find a quick list of all the resources I have uploaded onto the blog by topic.


CRA Model:

  • CRA Model Activity (by Kathy Ridder – SUMS Coach at Deltona Elementary)
  • Powerpoint – CRA Model
  • CRA Model Article The Access Center for Improving Outcomes for All Students K-8

Key Words for Solving Word Problems:

  • Key words chart
  • Key words website – great to use with students in whole group, or  to use as a refresher for students who were absent or need additional help.


Daily Data Practice:


Rounding Numbers

  1.   rounding – changing a number to the nearest ten, hundreds, thousands, etc. in order to keep a similar value.
  2. perioda group of 3 digits in a number seperated by a comma     
  3. place value – the value of a digit determined by its place in a number
  4. standard form – a number written using digits (eg. 243)
  5. word form – a number written using words (eg. Two hundred fourty-three)
  6. expanded form – a number written as the sum of the value of its digits (eg. 243 = 200 + 40 + 3)    











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