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Yee Haw! Rounding is Fun!

Get your cowboy hats and boots on and HAVE some FUN with rounding numbers!

Round ’em Up! Poem

This poem is a great source to use to help your students learn the rules and steps of rounding numbers. Make it fun and throw some “Yee Haws!” and hand motions in there to catch their attention. Students will have a blast learning how to round numbers.

Here is a game you can play to help students practice rounding numbers:

Materials: white boards, dry-erase markers, decks of cards (minus the Kings, Queens, and Jacks)


      1. Students are divided into groups of 3 or 4.  Each student is given a white board and dry-erase marker. Each group is given a deck of cards.

      2. One student is to draw a given number of cards from the deck. (Teacher is to give the number of cards to draw, depending on the number of place values you are working with.)

      3. The student drawing then organizes the cards to create a number.

                    *Variation: Teacher may direct students to create the least/greatest number or a random number with the cards.

       4. Once the number is created, all students write the number on their white boards.

   Review skills: “Tell your ‘partner’ what number you have just written.” (reviewing word form and standard form of numbers)

 “How many periods are in the number?”

 “What is the expanded form of the number?”

5. The teacher will then state the place value the number should be rounded to. (eg. “hundreds place” or “ten-thousands place”)

6. Students practice rounding numbers by following the steps given in the poem. They can state the poem out loud or refer to it for help.

7. Once students have rounded the number, they can show their work to their group and compare their work with their partners to check if they have the right answer. (Teachers will want to walk around and monitor student work to ensure they are rounding accurately.)

8. Students can continue to play, repeating steps 2-7 until they have mastered the concept of rounding numbers.

    *With each round of the game, the teacher may want to increase the number of cards pulled from the deck to increase the number of place values and present a more challenging number for students to round.

Teachers have fun and keep your students engaged by throwing in some “Ya-hoos!” and Yee-haws!” The students will surely not forget the steps to rounding, when they get to corral up some fun in math.

          The red words are words you need to be familiar with before teaching this lesson. You can find these words and other resources related to this entry in the Resources page.

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