“Keeping It Simple”: Games

Here are some games that I have used in the classroom to reinforce or provide practice of skills taught in math. These games only require a deck of playing cards or you can create a deck of digit cards (0-12) for your students to use. The following games cover skills like multiplication, division, addition, rounding, […]

Daily Data Practice

Hernando county has partnered with the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) and adopted the Florida SUMS (Students Understanding Math and Science) program. The goal of NEFEC and SUMS is to provide teachers with the strategies and resources for implementing inquiry-based instruction of mathematics. One of the key concepts in the SUMS program is the collecting and recording […]

Implementing Journals in Math

Journaling is a great way for teachers to enhance and support student learning. It provides the student and the teacher with an open line of communication to keep the learning process flowing.  Journaling helps students clarify their thinking and allows students to increase their problem-solving ability. Teachers need to provide prompts or activities that ensure a […]

Key Words for Solving Story Problems

Solving word problems is one of the most difficult concepts students face in mathematics. Many times students get lost in all of the jargon (words). We need to give them tools to tackle word problems effectively. Some great strategies that I have learned throughout my experience are: Tell students to take a step-by-step approach. Using acronyms […]
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About Me

Tina Cordova has been a classroom teacher since 2002; where she developed a love for all subjects especially mathematics.  She currently serves as a Math Coach at Pine Grove Elementary in Hernando County, FL working with the SUMS Math Program.